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ConstituencyForum 169

We want to establish a constituency forum for constituency 169 (Werra-Meißner-Hersfeld-Rotenburg). We want to take up current issues in global responsibility (GG 1.2, UN Charter, Universal Declaration of Human Rights), make ourselves competent, encourage more people in the constituency to get involved in society and politics, and seek critical dialogue with the MPs from the constituency in the Bundestag and the European Parliament. The forum also aims to promote cooperation between people of different religions and national origins living in the constituency and to build bridges for peace and human rights with migrants to their home countries. We are struggling to ensure that voters make the positions of candidates for the Bundestag on peace an important criterion in their election decision. We also want to work out demands for a peace policy of the coming Bundestag that we expect and also discuss them with the candidates. We want to continue this dialogue with the MPs after the elections. We will meet for events, network through the forum ( and also organise ZOOM webinars and chats. Sign up if you want to help set up the non-party constituency forum 169 (Forum 169 for short). 

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