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Global peace networking with and about Worldbeyondwar

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The International PeaceFactoryWanfried has joined Worldbeyondwar (WBW) as a local group. In Germany, there has already been Worldbeyondwar Berlin around the Anti-War Cafe. As in some other countries, the two groups are now taking the initiative to build WBW as a nationwide structure of WBW as Worldbeyondwar Germany, similar to Cameroon or Ireland, and thus become part of the global network.

Worldbeyond was founded in 2014 by two US-Americans, David Hartsough and David Swanson.
Swanson with the aim of creating a global citizens' movement that builds the forces to ban war as a means of conflict resolution. The movement wants to achieve this non-violently by building a global security system. It is to create just and sustainable peace through the means of international law, diplomacy, cooperation and the protection of human rights. In order to win people for these goals and to network them, WBW is using a declaration for which it is collecting signatures worldwide. People from 190 countries have now signed it: "We understand that wars and militarism make us less safe instead of protecting us, that they kill, injure and traumatise adults, children and infants, severely damage the natural environment, undermine civil liberties and drain our economies and siphon resources from life-affirming activities. We pledge to undertake and support non-violent efforts to end all wars and preparations for war and to build a sustainable and just peace."
Current members of IFFW have been in contact with WBW coordinators for a number of years, and one member attended the WBW General Assembly in Ireland in 2019 and has since deepened the collaboration.


We are looking for intensive networking with other WBW activists on a global level and especially with the office in the USA, and we are looking to contribute with proposals and implement initiatives and campaigns within our capacities.

We organise this networking together in the networking team, but we also hope to be able to do this step by step in a division of labour.

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