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IFFW Peace-Meeting-Point

Peace activists have the opportunity in the middle of Germany to create a central venue in Germany and Europe for meetings of their initiatives and for joint meetings.







The current owner of a former upholstered furniture factory on the inner-German border in Wanfried, North Hesse, is willing to hand over the buildings to a non-profit organisation to be formed to promote peace.










The building still needs to be developed into a conference centre and accommodation facility, but it has a lot of potential to do so. And it is located in beautiful surroundings with wonderful nature and soothing tranquillity for city dwellers.


























We have already started to build a library (this video was recorded there). In it, the Kasseler FriedensForum has placed parts of the archive of the late Kassel peace activist Peter Strutynski.  

Video: (160) Invitation to build the International Peace Factory Wanfried - YouTube

The initiators of the project have already organised numerous peace actions in the city, here is the link to the last one, an Easter Peace Action 2021.
























Link: 100 Seconds to Twelve - Nuclear War Danger: Easter Marchers in Wanfried Warn of Catastrophe (

The initiators are also tackling their own political peace networking within the framework of Worldbeyondwar, but want to put the peace meeting place on a broader footing and create it with and for groups that are committed to peace and disarmament, but also the conditions for peace, such as human rights, democratisation, social justice, international partnerships, religious dialogue and global ethics, preservation of the natural foundations of life, against racism and discrimination and the strengthening of the UN.

























Last year we founded the "Friends of the Peace Factory Wanfried" to further develop the meeting place. Its purpose is to support the further development of the meeting place. If you would like to help build up the meeting place, please register to join the IFFW Peace Meeting Point Team: Link.
You can also already donate for building blocks to the account of the non-profit association for the project if the approach convinces you: 
Bank Account: Förderverein der FriedensFabrik Wanfried, Sparkasse Werra-Meissner, IBAN: DE70 5225 0030 0000 0513 75 - Keyword Baustein

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