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In September 2020, we founded the Association for the Promotion of the International Peace Factory Wanfried to build up the International Peace Factory. It is now registered with the local court and recognised by the tax office as a non-profit organisation. Donations to our association can therefore be deducted from taxes because our commitment is in the public interest. 

You can read the statutes of the association via this link: 


The association brings forward networking of people who want to realise the project. The various projects are described on the homepage. It develops an economic concept and the legal form required for the operation of the International PeaceFactory. 


You can become a member if you want to contribute to the realisation of our goals and pay the membership fee. It is at least three euros per month and can be increased by each member as a sponsorship fee.
For the realisation of our projects and the work of the board we need members who are committed to them, but this is not a condition for membership: each member can decide where and how he or she wants to get involved. 
However, we will only be able to realise our projects with many and committed members.

You can contribute to the success and register as a member here: 

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