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East-West networking for international understanding and the implementation of the Charter of Paris 

Want to help build the team? Register here: then the link to the team:

By building this East-West network, we want to promote understanding between East and West Germans, Eastern Europeans and Western Europeans. We want to promote mutual understanding about the different situations in life. We want to exchange our views on current problems in East and West and also between East and West. We also want to see whether and how we can promote peaceful solutions to conflicts, such as the conflict in Ukraine. We also want to talk about possible joint demands and actions.

And we want to see what we can do to make the Charter of Paris more widely known again, to promote discussion of why it has not been implemented or has been implemented inadequately, and how we can help to make it the basis of policy in the Europe that was adopted at that time, which included Russia as an equal partner.


We hope to inspire people from as many nationalities as possible to take part in networking with the East. We think that we Germans can make a special contribution here, because there are many connections from the new federal states to Eastern Europe and Russia, and many connections from the old federal states to Western Europe and the political West as a whole. In this way, we can also promote what could have been done after 1990: Bringing in the experience from both systems and forming syntheses.

This is the link to cooperation in building the East-West Team:


And this is our first proposal for the goals and functioning of the new peace project we are proposing:

Stopping the dangerous road to a new Cold War: forming a European peace network.

First proposal for discussion for the formation of a team for East-West networking:
We propose you to form a European peace network together with West and East Europeans, East and West Germans and people from Russia.

Our Goal:

We want to stop the dangerous march towards a new Cold War or even a hot war.

We demand cooperation for the building of a peaceful, social and democratic Europe: We demand the implementation of the UN Charter (1948) and the Charter of Paris (1990) and promote cooperation ourselves according to our possibilities.

Stop the dangerous road to a new Cold War: build a European peace network (

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