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Goals of the International PeaceFactory Wanfried

Encourage us citizens of the world to take the world into our own hands, resolve all conflicts peacefully and create decent living conditions for all in solidarity.


The aim of the International PeaceFactory Wanfried is to contribute to the fact that we citizens unite locally, nationally, continentally and globally and shape the world together:

To banish wars from the world and to resolve all conflicts only by peaceful means (enforcing "negative" peace as non-war).

To enforce sustainable conditions for peace, to create a positive, humane peace in which all people worldwide can live in dignity and the natural foundations of life are protected.

We do this, firstly, by building a meeting and education centre in the middle of Germany in Wanfried for groups and people who are committed to the goals we represent.

We do this, secondly, by promoting our democratic self-organisation for the implementation and realisation of the UN Charter, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the UN Civil Pact and the UN Social Pact: By initiating non-party constituency forums, stimulating the establishment of a nationwide democratic grassroots structure, a European democratic grassroots structure, the promotion of a democratic grassroots structure in Africa, a grassroots structure for North-South dialogue on global challenges and on current conflicts, we want to contribute to this networking - depending on our capacities.

In the ongoing multiple crisis humanity is facing today, nationalist and fundamentalist currents are becoming stronger and stronger. As in the world economic crisis of 1929, they threaten to plunge us into conflicts between states, especially again into a conflict between the great powers for global supremacy. History shows us how dangerous a situation is in which a new great power threatens to overtake a previously dominant one: this situation has existed in the past 500 years. Twelve times it has come to a war of elimination. In view of nuclear weapons, this time it could destroy the habitability of the earth. It was only through luck and not thanks to wise decisions by governments that we did not fall into such a catastrophe in the Cold War (e.g. 1962 and 1983). In addition, young people in the global South in particular, for good reasons, no longer want to accept a life with unjust living conditions. Since no new common paths have yet emerged in this conflict between the global South and the North, violence is already escalating on a massive scale. We see a way out in the establishment of a global civic grassroots network, through which we want to urge the states to work together to jointly master the major global challenges and to devote their energies to this. 

Our goals of banishing wars, resolving all conflicts peacefully, and creating humane living conditions for everyone worldwide were already adopted by the states in 1945 in the UN Charter (1), in 1948 in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (2) and in 1966 in the UN Civil Covenant (3) and the UN Social Covenant (4), and the Basic Law is formulated in this spirit (especially Article 1). They are also worked out as models in the Civilisational Hexagon (5) as an orientation for peace workers.


  1. UN Charter | United Nations - Regional Information Centre for Western Europe (

  2. Universal Declaration of Human Rights | United Nations - Regional Information Centre for Western Europe (

  3. ICCPR - Treaty Texts | UN Civil Covenant

  4. UN_SocialPact.pdf (

  5. Civilisational Hexagon - Whywar

With our IFFW Peace Blog, we want to provide - within our capacities - an overview of global developments according to the standards of the UN Charter and the Declaration of Human Rights. We are building up an editorial team for this purpose. Here it goes to the blog ( and here you can join the editorial team (

Here you can join the networking team that wants to get involved in local, nationwide, European and global peace networking, networking on specific issues, supporting networking in Africa and on current conflicts (  

We want to support people who (want to) get involved in implementing the goals of the UN Charter and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We want to encourage them to become strong multipliers: Knowledgeable activists who know their way around the complicated world and seek solutions with their fellow human beings in the spirit of human rights. To this end, we want to develop educational modules. We will publish them here( and here you can go to the education team of the IFFW ( and the action and campaign team.

Anyone who wants to participate alone or with his/her initiative in the development of the IFFW Peace Meeting Point as an event and meeting centre can find contact to the team via this link and discuss a possible collaboration. This includes networking peace initiatives and activists for the establishment of the meeting point, the development of accommodation, a peace library, the extension of the buildings and the financing of the project. Here you can join the Peace Meeting Point Team:


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