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Non-Partisan Constituency Forums (CFC)



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Goal of the CFC: Contribute to the constituency representative's advocacy of peace in parliament by ensuring that voters scrutinise candidates and continue to dialogue with them after the election.

Way of the CFC:

  1. Uniting citizens in the constituency across party and organisational boundaries.

  • Who insist on the observance of the UN Charter by parliament and government: above all, to solve all international conflicts only by peaceful means and to promote the establishment of an international security system through the UN, with which wars can be banished from the world.

  • Who want to promote the conditions for peace in Germany and worldwide: a state monopoly on the use of force under the rule of law and democracy, social justice, a culture of peaceful conflict resolution, the protection of natural resources and friendly relations between people of different origins, skin colours, religions and different countries.

  1. Democratic elaboration of election test stones with positions on current conflicts. After the election, drafting of open letters to the representative on current peace policy conflicts.

  2. Public questioning of the candidates and then representatives in writing, in face-to-face meetings or online meetings on the election touchstones or international conflicts.

  3. The constituency forum itself does not make a recommendation for a candidate, but contributes to making the electoral decision easier for the voters by addressing peace issues and strengthening the peace competence of the people in the constituency.

How to start?

  1. Seek out people in the constituency who share a similar view of the threats to peace and the environment and who are committed to ensuring that the citizens of the constituency do what they can to promote peace.

  2. Organise joint team-building meetings and establish a division of labour.

  3. Public relations

  4. Drafting of the election touchstones

  5. Organisation of events with the candidates for the Bundestag.

  6. Involving the public in the discussion.

  7. Networking with people in other constituencies who (want to) set up UWFs and agreeing on areas of cooperation.

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