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Kick-starting the development of Worldbeyondwar Africa

Want to help build the team? Register here: then the link to the team:

There are some initiatives and people in Africa who have joined Wordbeyondwar. We also know some activists with whom we are talking about peace policy in Africa. This is very important especially in Africa, where there are the most and many very protracted wars; the war in Ethiopia and in the north of Mozambique have just been added.

At the chat during our Easter Peace Action, we made the proposal to initiate WBW Africa. The idea met with a positive response.

But we only want to push this and should only support the Africans who want to take this into their own hands. First of all, we want to help network the interested people we know and arrange a ZOOM chat with them.

From there, in a snowball effect, people in the various African countries could be sought for the establishment of WBW. Media can be very helpful in this.

The goals of WBW-Africa could be to help end wars in Africa and prevent the escalation of conflicts into new wars. WBW-A could encourage the establishment of an effective African security system to this end. WBW-A should also engage with WBW-Global in building a global security system for the implementation of the UN Charter and for the realisation of the goals of the UN Social and Civil Pacts and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This is especially important to protect against military and economic interventions by economically and militarily superior industrialised countries.

WBW-A should promote understanding of intra-African relations and conflicts, oppose their governments and companies of their respective African states when they treat other states unfairly, and develop its own proposals to resolve the conflicts.  It should also, above all, promote understanding of the international relations of African states with industrialised countries and work with forces in these countries that advocate for fair relations. To this end, WBW-Africa should again stimulate the North-South dialogue initiated by the North-South Commission.

WBW-A should strengthen the conditions for peace in Africa, promote a monopoly on the use of force at the African level under the rule of law and democracy, social justice, environmental sustainability, scientific thinking, a peaceful culture of conflict and awareness of interdependence and global interdependence for survival in Africa and worldwide.

WBW-A members in individual states should learn from each other (and from people in other states worldwide) how to enforce the conditions of peace in their country, i.e. the norms of UN documents in their respective domestic and foreign policies.

WBW Africa members use their connections in other regions of the world to encourage them to also join the global movement for a world without war and to form WBW chapters in their states and continents and to network with the other world regions.

How to start:

Those interested in building WBW-A spread the idea in their networks and collect the addresses of interested people and organisations in their states and in other African states and in the diaspora.

They propose the establishment of WBW Europe to other groups and activists who are already registered with WBW. They seek cooperation with, for example, the Black Alliance for Peace in the USA and the International Peace Bureau.

They discuss the proposal with the coordinators in the USA and see if and how they can support.

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